What are my Domain Hosting settings?

Domain Name Server info:
- NS1-Hostname: dns1.web.ca
- NS1-Netaddress:
- NS2-Hostname: dns2.web.ca
- NS2-Netaddress:
- MX Record: mail.yourdomain.com

To FTP into the Website:
- Hostname: yourdomain.com or by IP:
- Username: yourdoma (first 8 characters of your domain name)
- password: your domain password

To Preview your Website (if the DNS hasn't been switched, which takes 24/48 hours after a registration change has taken place), enter http://indra.web.net/~username in your browser, replacing "username" with your intial username you requested upon signup.

To access Webmail, with your web web browser go to "yourdomain.com/webmail", replace "yourdomain" with your actual domain name . Enter your domain email address and the email password you were assigned when the account was set up.

Email settings:
- Incoming mail server (pop3): mail.yourdomain.com
- Outgoing mail server (smtp): smtp.yourisp.com *
- username: username.domain.com
- password: assigned when you set up mail accounts

* We strongly recommend that you use the outgoing mail server provided by your connectivity provider. For example, if you're using Look for your connection, use mail.look.ca.