What are message headers and how can I display them?

Every e-mail message is made up of its body (the message) and its headers. The headers are initially generated by the software that is used to write the message (e.g. Eudora, Outlook, etc.), and each machine that handles the mail will usually add its own headers in addition.

Message headers are often essential to determine why your mail isn't working; or to enable us to block spam, and we may ask you to send them to us.

How do I get them?

Thunderbird and Mozilla Mail

  • Open the View menu
  • select "headers"
  • then select all

Now full headers should be viewable when you go into an email and will be included when you forward or reply to an email.

After you are finished you may want to go back into:

  • View
  • Headers

and return the setting to Normal

Outlook Express

  • Click once on the e-mail to open up the 'preview mode'
  • now right click on the e-mail
  • scroll down and click on Properties
  • you should see two 'tabs' General and Details, click on Details
  • Now copy the contents of Details
  • Paste the Details into a new e-mail

Outlook Express for Macintosh

Netscape 4.x

  • Click once on the e-mail to open up the 'preview mode'
  • click on View
  • click on 'Internet Headers'
  • Copy and Paste the info into a new e-mail.
    • Open your e-mail
    • click on View
    • scroll down to Headers
    • select and click on ALL.