How do I get my mailing list password?

If you are subscribed to a list you can have your password e-mailed to you by either a) making a request with your list administrator OR you can go make the request to have it e-mailed directly to you by going to your mailling list's "list info" page and typing your address into the bottom text box to "Edit Options".

To find your list's "list info" page type in:***

*** The three stars need to be replaced with your list name.
The list name is what comes before the @ in a list e-mail. An example is a list called "test-l" this list address is "". the "list info" address is:

As mentioned above, once you are on the listinfo page scroll to the bottom of the page and type your e-mail address in the "Edit Options" box and click the box, you will then be able to send the password to yourself.