How do I configure Outlook Express to check my email?

These instructions are based on Outlook Express 6.0, but also apply to previous versions.

  • With Outlook Express running, click Tools, then Accounts, then Add, then Mail
  • Enter your name as you would like it to appear, and then click Next (eg: John Doe)
  • Enter your full e-mail address, and click Next (eg:
  • Enter your mail server name for both incoming & outgoing mail server, and click Next (eg:
  • Enter your account name (same as your full e-mail address) and password, and click Next (eg:
  • Click Finish.

*NOTE* You need to know what your ISP's outgoing mail server (SMTP) is in order to send mail. This may require the additional steps of configuring the secure authentication setting in order to send any mail. If you require any assistence with this, please contact your Internet Service Provider.