How can I filter spam sent to my domain email address?

Tired of getting the same spam message over and over again? If you are receiving spam that all contains identical phrasing in the body or subject, or is coming from the same source, then Cpanel provides a way to filter these messages.

Log into Cpanel and in the "Mail" section, click "User Level Filtering."

Click the "Manage Filters" link next to the email address receiving the spam and then click the Create a New Filter button.

Replace the "Rule 1" filter name with a unique name for your filter. It's a good idea to have the name relate to the type of spam you're receiving, and not just a generic title, like Spam filter #1.

Select your rules from the dropdown menus and enter in the empty field underneath the common phrase or email address found in the spam. For example, if the spam contains the phrase "click for free iphone5" select in the rules dropdown, "Body" and "contains". Then put the text "click for free iphone5" (minus quotations) in the empty field underneath.

Select from the Actions dropdown menu what you want to happen once a filter detects the spam message.

When finished, click the Activate button.