How do I upload content using my FTP client?

After you have successfully signed into your FTP account, you may then proceed to upload site files and other content to your hosting environment. Here are a few pointers to get you started.

In order to display any content on your site, you must upload an index.html file to your public_html directory or 'folder'

What are my FTP application settings?

Although most FTP applications are similar, some may have different features or labels for certain text areas. Here is a basic overview of some of those field and the appropriate settings you will need to configure your FTP client correctly.

Host Name: yourdomain.ext
User Name: yourdoma (first 8 characters of your domain name)
Password: (provided when initially singed up)
Port: 21

Where can I get a FTP application?

There are several programs that you can download for free or to purchase online. Although we can't specifically recommend any particular FTP application, here a few you may want to try out:

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